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I came to holistic therapies because of the problems with my own health in my teens, in particular with hereditary scoliosis of my spine. By 25 I was suffering so badly that I would spend hours being massaged and manipulated to help alleviate that pain but it reached the stage that nothing seemed to be working and I started to worry for my future. At 30 I was looking at a major back problem with no idea how to help myself or what could be done.

Purely by chance I was watching TV one day and caught a programme about a Kundalini Yoga teacher who was highlighting the benefits of the practice and how it had helped her. It sounded amazing and also resonated with my Energy Healing background, as there was a very spiritual side to the yoga. I knew I had to try it!

From that chance viewing I have never looked back. After just a few short months I was amazed at how different I felt and after a few years how transformed I was. The pain had disappeared, my mind became calmer and clearer and I felt energised and more flexible. It has transformed my spine and my whole health. Because of the success of the yoga this started my fascination with holistic/complimentary medicine and, following the death of my parents suddenly in 2000, I decided to leave my successful career in the lingerie design industry and choose a new life path to train in Kundalini Yoga and help bring this wonderful yoga to others.

I became a qualified teacher in Kundalini Yoga in 2008 with the Amrit Nam Sarovar School and further training with Gurmukh in New York and I constantly attend seminars and courses to update my understanding and learning of the form. I have run my successful business for 15 years, bringing Kundalini Yoga to adults, teenagers and children alike. My yoga training continued in 2009 with Gurudass Kaur where I qualified in child play yoga. I now also run a hugely successful after-school and holiday clubs for children aged from 4 years up, Happy Little Yogi, allowing Kundalini Yoga to be introduced at an early age to all, something I am passionate about.

So as you can see I have first hand experience of how life changing Kundalini yoga can be and I look forward to you joining me on what is a truly wonderful, life changing practise.

Sat Nam

Jane (Siri Prem Kaur)

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