Jane Oppegaard
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Kundalini Yoga

Connect Within

A class for all levels. A Kundalini Yoga  class creates a soulful connection, working the glandular and nervous system to balance the body and mind.

Kundalini Yoga is described by Yogi Bhajan as the 'Yoga Of Awareness', allowing you to go deep inside, to clear blockages within your system.


Wonderful form of yoga if you are stressed and need some time out just for you .

Beginners Class

Relax and Renew

A class for those that have never experienced yoga before or do not have the confidence to join a drop in class. Come along and enjoy learning this life changing form of yoga.

From Kundalini Yoga comes change, and change creates a new you. With a little commitment and courage you can create whatever changes you wish and Kundalini Yoga can support you through that.

Meditation & Sound Evening

With Gong Healing Bath

An evening of connecting to the sound current, allowing the vibration to cleanse and heal you deep within your sub-conscious.

Starting With a 31 minute meditation, that not only balances the glandular & nervous system but also the three minds, and  allows all the cells in your body to resonate with the sound vibration and the Divine.

The final part of the evening is the gong healing bath, allowing the healing to continue with the sound vibration of the gong.