Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Saturday June 15th, after weeks of organising and more than a few sleepless nights requiring calling on all my yogic training to stay calm & focussed the charity night ‘Kundalini Grooves & Yoga Moves’ finally arrived. This was a charity night to raise funds for 'Super Seraph', one of my Little Yogis brother who had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and urgently needed treatment overseas.

The doors opened and people entered to the sound of the Sitar played by Manjit Singh Chawla. Getting a herbal tea or an energised dōTerra oil drink, and settling themselves down to chill to the beautiful sounds being played by Manjit. 

Julia followed Manjit, a local harp player who sounds are so pure and angelic, creating a wonderfully elevated energy to take us into the first group class.

The children’s class allowed people to leave the outside world behind them and to connect to their inner child, we had lots of laughter throughout, some challenging yoga poses to create focus and the celestial meditation ‘I am Happy, I am Good’, along with a fun memory game which saw many, including myself, realsing that our memories aren't as sharp as we thought! Much laughter followed and everyone was ready by the end to let themselves go, they were connected into their authenticity, their hearts and souls and the energy really began to flow.

Sukh with her vibrant style of Shakti Dancing raised the roof, Lyndz on the harmonium with the mantra ‘Beautiful Am I, Bountiful Am I, Blissful Am I,’ connected us as a whole. The drumming jam that followed allowed us all to connect to our hearts, dance to our rhythm, expressing every part of ourselves through each drum beat, reaching a crescendo, the peak of the wave, ready to surrender, allowing the flow of energy to connect the infinite back down to earth.  Breaking the wave with the angelic voice of Claire with Hallelujah, and then accompanying Claire, Julia on harp for 'The Sunshine Song' 💜 Leaving each and everyone one of us grounded in our energy and the heart energy of each person present.

  A truly beautiful way to finish before relaxing down for the gong sound healing.  The gong vibration took people deep within themselves, allowing each and every cell in their bodies to vibrate with that of the Divine, balancing by bringing them deep down into Mother Earth, to create those new seeds of growth.

  As each and every person gently woke from their beautiful place, I could see their energy, a shining beacon of light, spreading out into the universe. Wahe Guru.....Wahe Guru.....Wahe Guru! A gentle silence held within the room as people began to move, rolled up their mats, put on their jackets and started their journey home. 

As everyone left their was big hugs, love and gentle chats of what a great evening we had had and shared together. 

Sat Nam 

Namaste 🙏

*UPDATE: I am so happy to announce that at the moment the total raised for the night is in excess of £1500! My thanks to each and everyone for turning up,donating their time and love and talents. Justgoes to show what we can all achieve if we bond together x

If you wish to know about more events and fundraisers for Super Seraphthen join the Facebook group here

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