Kundalini For Back Pain

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

When you wake up in the morning, what comes to your mind first?

With any kind of pain, as soon as wake each morning the first move reminds you that your body is not happy. Before you know it the minds links into the pain, the dread of making that first move, and then how do I get out of bed this morning? I remember this on so many occasions! I would often roll out of bed onto my knees to get myself up, and how old was I? I was in my late 20’s and I felt so old and beyond my years.

I knew I had to find something to help myself, so I started searching. I looked for something that would help me feel better, to feel free from pain, free from stiffness and give me back my strength and flexibility.I tried a few different types of yoga, but my body was really not capable of it, even just moving from one pose to the next put it under great stress and all it really achieved was to put me back into more physiotherapy.

Then one day I came across Kundalini Yoga, I was watching a class on the television. My initial thought was ‘that looks a little strange’, but somehow it drew me, the poses looked very achievable, most of them had movement, there was an emphasis on the breath and they were talking about its spiritual element. It just drew me in! Back in 2000 there was no Kundalini Yoga classes local to me, so I started with a dvd and a book and that was the begining of my Kundalini journey.

After a few weeks I was feeling good, I felt better after each session and after a few months I was improving rapidly. My back was getting stronger and the pain was releasing. I was sleeping better and I was waking in the morning feeling well rested and no longer in pain. I must add at this point that I could not do all of the poses at the beginning, but I did what I could, it just took a little time and patience.

I do have one memory 4 years into my journey, I was in a very quiet class that day and all the yoga poses required the lifting of the legs from lying down! My nemesis! My big challenge as I just couldn’t lift my legs, but that day they lifted up into the air and I lifted and lowered for going on a minute! I was totally over joyed. Four years into my journey and I could now see the efforts of all my hard work, those legs were doing their thing. So How Does Kundalini Yoga Work?

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness, it is a technology and it creates changes in your body, mind and soul.

Your body - is your home and it is this home that carries you through life. Within your home are some pretty amazing working parts, from glands, blood & circulation, organs, lymph, a brain and a complex nervous system. It is a system that keeps us alive, and it does need cleaning and fine tuning regularly, just like your car that needs a regular service and MOT.

Your Mind - guides you through life with your actions and emotions. You all know how your mind works, just take a few minutes now to breathe, long and deep - what is your mind doing? Thinking about what jobs you need to do next? What’s for dinner? It has completely wandered off into a memory, an experience, something else you need to do! This is the mind taking control of you, when what we actually need is for YOU to be in control of your mind.

Your soul - think of it like a candle flame, burning brightly when we feed it and being dim when we pay it no attention. It is your energetic flow with the flow of the cosmos and Infinity. Kundalini yoga, through mantra and sound, connects you to your spirit, allowing you to be your true self and creating a happy, healthy & spiritual life.

When we work all 3 of these facets, this is when Kundalini Yoga creates it magic!

Within a yoga Kriya ( a set of poses to create an outcome), we use yoga poses, eye focus, the breath, mantra, body locks & mudras.

The breath brings in the prana, which travels through 72,000 channels (vayus), which all meet at the sushmuna at the navel. This is where the Kundalini energy resides. Kundalini is nothing we create, it is already there,we all have it in our bodies. The Kundalini is released and makes its way to the base of the spine, with each yoga pose and body lock we are able to bring the energy up through the spine to the crown chakra, energising each energy centre on its journey (7 energy centres in all; the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow/Third Eye, & the Crown).

So Kundalini not only works your body physically, it works on all levels, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, releasing negativity and stagnant energy from your body and your energy field (the aura). We use the breath and mantra to rewire our brains. On a very subtle level, we move and arrange the Tattvas (five elements) in new patterns so that the brain can rewire itself. It allows us to let go of the past and respond to things in new ways.We begin to create new ways of behaviour and old habits fall away.

The above combination allows for release, old memories, past experiences, things that we have held onto, maybe too fearful to let go, the energy is released, tension from your body is released and changes begin to happen. Pain begins to disappear, you begin to feel different, you become more mobile, stronger, happier, you hold yourself differently.I can honest and truthfully say that you are changed on every level. So for myself it was back pain caused by scoliosis, stiffness, a curve that I couldn’t change but I could change everything around it and I did! The pain disappeared, I became a happier person and at first you think it is because you are not in pain! Yes that helps, but actually I was releasing old S***, fears, emotions, grief and by doing so I released my body from the shackles that had been holding it back for years.I became FREE………Wahe Guru……

I hope this story about myself inspires you and allows you to take those steps on your own journey, to trust and commit to a practice. Jane x

"When you are at the same frequency with the cosmic energy, opportunities come to you, when you are at a different frequency then opportunities may be there, but you cannot feel them, know them, or act upon them, therefore they don't exist for you." - Yogi Bhajan, 4/11/76

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